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Our vision is to lead the AI revolution for software engineering teams, automating all engineering grunt work tasks with AI. This mirrors the transformative impact of the industrial revolution, where manual labor was automated. By shifting routine tasks to AI, we aim to empower human engineers to focus on what they do best, creating new innovative software, faster than ever before.


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Our story

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Second began with our founder Eric Rowell’s frustration over the restrictions that mundane, laborious tasks create for actual engineering ingenuity. Having built and maintained large enterprise software systems for over a decade, Eric knew firsthand that companies dedicate 50-80% of all engineering work to these activities, representing a massive opportunity loss for innovation.

Eric recognized the need to automate these tasks. In January 2023, he applied to Y Combinator with preliminary ideas and a dedication to positively impacting the developer community. A few weeks later, he was accepted to YC’s Winter 2023 batch—leading to the V0 launch of Second in March 2023.

Today, we’re continuing to expand our secure, cloud-based platform, enabling engineers across the globe to automate their workflows and start building what matters most: the future.

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Eric Rowell
Founder and CEO
Weiran Jo Li
Founding Engineer
Mason Pierce
Founding Engineer

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