Second V1 Launch

March 28, 2024
July 24, 2023


Since its inception in January 2023, Second has been dedicated to streamlining the software development process, allowing developers to focus on innovation and building new software. Today marks a significant milestone as we proudly introduce Second V1, designed to automate the tedious grunt work of software migrations and upgrades.

New Migration Modules

We are thrilled to announce the release of four powerful migration modules, each tailored to simplify the transition from one technology stack to another. With AngularJSReact, CRANext, JS → TS, and CSS → SCSS migration modules, developers can seamlessly switch between these frameworks, unlocking endless possibilities for their projects. Second ensures that you can embrace new technologies without getting bogged down by manual conversion tasks.

New Upgrade Module

Upgrading your applications is now more effortless than ever with the introduction of the Upgrade Next module. This module streamlines the process of upgrading Next.js applications, enabling you to leverage the latest features and performance improvements offered by Next.js.

New Free Tier with up to 2MB Codebases

To demonstrate our commitment to simplicity and accessibility, we are excited to present a generous 2MB free tier for Second. With this offering, developers can easily gauge the potential migration and upgrade outcomes for their codebases without any financial commitment. Simply connect Second to your GitHub account, select a repository, or choose from our template repositories, and run a module to receive a pull request. Discover the benefits of Second without any barriers!

All Modules for All Tiers

We believe in making our powerful modules accessible to developers of all levels. That's why all migration and upgrade modules are available for every tier, ensuring that developers have the freedom to work with projects of various sizes and complexities. For those dealing with larger codebases or requiring enterprise-specific features like on-premise agents or on-premise models, we have flexible options available on our Pricing Page.


At Second, our team is passionate about assisting developers in seamlessly migrating and upgrading their codebases. We're here to support you throughout your development journey. Feel free to reach out to us on Discord, where you can chat with our experts and gain valuable insights to overcome any challenges you may face during the migration or upgrade process.


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