Careers at Second

Are you obsessed with AI, passionate about dev tools, and eager to contribute to the new age of AI-assisted software development? 
If so, you've come to the right place.

Hacker culture

Here at Second, we maintain a hacker culture with rapid experimentation while delivering real solutions to customer problems. Our customers are our lifeblood. 

We are developers serving developers, operating at the forefront of the AI code-gen revolution.

Our values

Team > Individual
We grow and innovate without the constraints of personal pride.

Our humility paves the way for collaborative problem-solving and ensures decisions reflect the greater good of the company's mission, not individual status.
Action > Words
Prioritizing actions over words empowers team members to demonstrate commitment through results.

Our culture of accountability and execution remains critical to success, shifting focus from what could be to what has been done.
Focus > Distractions
We pursue work ruthlessly for the highest impact on our goals, ensuring efforts are focused and strategic.

Our focus on impactful work eliminates distractions and builds a resilient team culture that thrives on delivering value to customers consistently.

Current openings

Founding Enterprise Developer Relations
Founding AI Agent Engineer